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Iced Out Heart Chain

Iced Out Heart Chain

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About The Product

An "iced out heart chain" typically refers to a necklace or chain adorned with diamonds or cubic zirconia stones in the shape of a heart. The term "iced out" is slang for heavily adorned with diamonds or other precious stones, often giving the appearance of being covered in ice.

These chains are popular in hip-hop and urban fashion culture, often worn as a symbol of wealth, status, or as a fashion statement. They can come in various designs and sizes, ranging from small and subtle to large and extravagant, depending on personal preference and style.

  • Diamonds: Ice Lab's Exquisite Flawless VVS Simulated Diamonds (Certified CZ Diamonds 5A+)
  • Engineered with Rust/Fade and Scratch Resistant Technology
  • Crafted with Premium Long-lasting Materials 


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Our Commitment

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